Hi Sue

Hope you are well!

Thank you very much for the kind wishes :)

I would firstly like to say thank you so so so much to you and your team for making all the arrangements for our honeymoon. It was absolutely amazing!! My Blue Hotel is awesome and definitely worth visiting. My hubby and I even said we would go there again without even looking at any other hotels. We understand that there are probably better hotels there but we really enjoyed My Blue Hotel. Food is great, staff are amazing, rooms are exactly what we needed. We didn't get a sea-view room, but where we were situated was a great room anyway so we didn't mind! 

We did 1 excursion while we were there. We went snorkelling, which was about 40 dollars per person. It was amazing though. Such a great experience going to the reef and seeing soooooooo many fish. We were even lucky enough to swim with dolphins!!

I can't give any bad comments about the flight, transfers or ground handler at all. Everything was good.

Here are my suggestions for other guests:

- One negative, if any, was the fact that you have hawkers constantly bugging you on the main beach to buy stuff or go on excursions. It does get quite annoying, but after a few days, they get the point that you not going to buy anything and they leave you alone. Luckily My Blue has a private beach area which helped, but would have been nice to chill on the main beach closer to the sea every now and then.

- It seems like there isn't much difference between the different rooms, so other guests shouldn't worry about getting an upgrade or not.

- Bring cash!! Every second person wants a tip in Zanzibar, from carrying your bag to the room to fetching your bag at the airport, etc. We didn't draw much cash as we wanted to use my card, even though there was a % surcharge wherever you go, but we will definitely take cash if we go again. They like working with dollars and shillings there, it seems.

- It is quite a mission to "draw" cash there as you have to go to the other hotels which are within walking distance to do so, but rather draw the needed amount before you got to avoid the mission

- Bring a pen!! At the airport, you have to fill out a form which we didn't know about, but we managed to sort everything out :)

- Not sure how other guests feel about taking malaria tablets while there, but we didn't take anything. So far, so good. We are in a waiting game at the moment to see if any of us were affected, fingers crossed :)!!

It really was awesome, and we really didn't want to leave. So thank you so so much! 

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Goeie More Desire

Al wat ek kan sĂȘ van jou diens is dit was fantasties van begin tot einde.

Ek was nie een keer deur die hele beplannings fase bekommerd oor enige iets nie. Jy stel my op my gemak van begin tot einde. Jy dra regtig ons belange op die hart.

Baie dankie vir puik diens!!! 


Rina Botha

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