Hello Bronwyn / Edwina,
Firstly thank you very much for the amazing honeymoon that you put together for us!
You have been amazing from start to finish! very helpful! and I really appreciate all the personal attention you put into the organizing! I was talking to Michelle and I think the travel bug bit both of us badly so we are very keen to visit Thailand next year and you must know that i will not be using anyone else but yourselves to organize the trip for us! I will be in contact with you as soon as we have figured out a date etc.
To answer your questions below:
  • just honeymoons client feedback10The cruise was amazing! it was really nice to be able to see so many places and have your hotel with you the entire time. - We had 2 instances where we enjoyed the cities so much we almost missed the ship! On the second time they called us to the reception to scold us :)
  • I would have to say the Highlight was Rome. we really enjoyed Rome but i would have liked to spend more time there since we did not get to see everything. Second was Barcelona! - We had to run 4km to get on the ship in time! 
  • I would not recommend any excursions as firstly I think that they are really expensive and secondly you get to do a lot more of what you want to do if you travel on your own. Public transport is amazing to there are no need to worry about getting to a place. I would recommend do your own research and do your own thing.
No you did not live up to expectations you exceeded them! Great service! 
Again thank you and you will be hearing from me soon!
Take care 
Adriaan Scholtz 


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Hi Polly

Well, it is our last night tonight. Thank you again for assisting in arranging this amazing honeymoon.

We had the best time possible and will always remember the memories we made on this honeymoon for the rest of our life.


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