Hi Polly / Edwinaimage002

Thank you so much for organising this wonderful trip.

This is exactly what we needed and cannot be compared to any other destination.

Nose Be Hotel was a lovely stay with one of the best views of the beach, excellent food and great service. I would definitely continue to use Webtours services in the future!

We did manage to go to other hotels like Vanilla & Amarina but like I said, we were happy with Nose be Hotel.

The VIP bungalow made a difference with air con and general necessities provided in the room for us daily. Tourist that stayed in the standard rooms

did not find it so.... comforting.

Our trip was stunning however , the last day that we spent in the hotel in Antananarivo was not amusing as the location of the Hotel was situated down

a gravel road close to what seemed to be a location . No toiletries and general lack of service.

I would advise you not to book any prosperous clients in this Hotel.

Madagascar is Stunning, we would definitely go again in the near future!!!

As requested , some pictures :-)

Thank you once again

P.S. Please don’t forget to send me the details for the other group trip that we have discussed!

Kind Regards

Konrad & Cindy