Thanks so much for the well wishes. Honeymoon was great, and Massinga Beach was such a stunning place to spend 5 days!!!massinga1

Thanks for putting all the details together. Was very pleasant not having to worry about flights, transfers, bookings, and what meals were included or not, makes the whole thing more enjoyable.

Gratefully, all the LAM flights were relatively on time, +- 30 mins delay on the way there and we were 15 minutes early on the way back to JHB.

One slight hiccup was that Susanne had us booked under a "spring" or "whale watching" special and not the honeymoon special. She was very helpful and adjusted the booking to include the "honeymoon" package and the extras like the beach picnic etc.

Many thanks again for making the time memorable for us.

Kind Regads,



massinga2  massinga4

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Hi Desire

Just to say “thank you” for all that you have done for us to make Brian and Lisa’s honeymoon a great one! I am also sooooo glad you offered and we did the travel insurance – Lisa ended up being in hospital yesterday with drips for rehydration due to food/water poisoning. What a mission it would have been had we not done the insurance, but we are ever so grateful that your advices were followed!

Again “thanks” for the great service!

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