Hi Bronwyn

Hideaway of Nungwi is a super place - really lovely hotel and the staff are very attentive and looked after us.

Beautiful location and stunning beach. We only battled with our stomachs! Had to call the doctor on Wednesday who gave us antibiotics - not sure if it was the rich food (which was excellent) but we definitely struggled with stomach bugs, unfortunately.

So we didn't end up doing any excursions - but we weren't planning to anyway. The spa was particularly good too.

So all in all - a superb place to holiday, just the stomach problems were problematic but not sure how that can be solved - we used bottled water all the time and they say they have a filtrated water system. So who knows. The food was outstanding and there was always a variety. The only other thing that I noted was that there were lots of kids around - one day at the pool, there were 10 kids in the swimming pool which was very hectic - so ran away to the beach to get some peace and quiet. But I guess then, it is more about the parents than the hotel. But it is worth noting.

Hope this feedback helps.


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Hi Polly

Well, it is our last night tonight. Thank you again for assisting in arranging this amazing honeymoon.

We had the best time possible and will always remember the memories we made on this honeymoon for the rest of our life.


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