Hi Edwina and Webtour Team,just honeymoons client feedback14

I have to thank you for all the arrangements made for our honeymoon in Zanzibar in December.

We indeed had an amazing time over there and will always just have fond memories of our honeymoon thanks to the excellent arrangements.

Thank you for handling the "One time" issue so professionally and still made everything turn our stunning. The flights with Mango regardless of the delay back was amazing and for my husband’s 2nd flight ever a real safe feeling and I recently learned how good it actually was compared to other flights.

Our first steps in Zanzibar nervous not knowing where to go was soon gone seeing our name knowing we are in good hands from the start, the ground staff is very good and they were always waiting for us ready to go.

Our first hotel Sea Cliff was amazing, even more beautiful than any picture. The staff was so friendly, delicious food and 5 star services. All the tours that were available made it adventures and we still had enough time to relax and spend quality time together.

The most breathtaking view with the sea so quiet and seeing the beautiful sunset.

We did the trip to Prison Island what an amazing start, the water so clear, giant 188 year old tortoise, snorkelling and seeing 7m down. Drinking endless cocktails at the hotel (there are stunning non-alcoholic cocktails). Did the highly recommended Safari Blue and was not disappointed. What a day of snorkelling and eating seafood, and having a boat full of refreshments.
The stone tone and spice tour is also a must we learned allot and shopped for gifts for the special people back home. We had a great tour guide and driver from gallery tours.
All my appreciation to Gallery Tour's that handled all the travelling and tours so professional and always being on time.
Everything about Sea Cliff Zanzibar was my ideal dream of a honeymoon. Even the heat fitted right in.
A Hot Romantic Honeymoon.

"Waarlik die besonderse romantiese wittebrood wat ek ooit van kan droom"

There after we moved to Neptune PWani on the East side of the island were the sea is more normal. At that stage we were ready to be lazy and enjoy relaxing time, the reason you go on holiday to take a break.
The set up are very different more controls , rooms are a bit far but for us as a young married couple it did not hold us back.

Both hotels had lots of swimming pool with each its own bar. Food was stunning. It was worth every penny. ALL-Inclusive is definitely a must.

I would recommend Zanzibar to anyone and everyone.

Thanks again for all your arrangements it was really well planned.


Marnus and Elouise Smith

Our Honeymoon Resorts


Hi Desire

Just to say “thank you” for all that you have done for us to make Brian and Lisa’s honeymoon a great one! I am also sooooo glad you offered and we did the travel insurance – Lisa ended up being in hospital yesterday with drips for rehydration due to food/water poisoning. What a mission it would have been had we not done the insurance, but we are ever so grateful that your advices were followed!

Again “thanks” for the great service!

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