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Yes we got back into the office today…

Firstly I must say a huge thank you to the Webtours team and specifically to Ed.

The experience we had with you was one of exceptional world class service, professionalism, friendliness, on time feedback and going the extra mile.  Through all the trials and tribulations from the halt in operation of 1Time airlines and the need to re-look at flight alternatives and new dates, to the technical issues on the Mango outbound flight, Webtours ensured that they relieved the stress from us and this made the experience one where any of our future holidays will definitely be booked through Webtours.  You guys Rock!!!!

As for Zanzibar, it was absolutely amazing.  It is such an ideal honeymoon destination offering not only serene white beaches with world class 5 star resorts but also an island full of history and culture. This gave us the opportunity to have the best of both.  From extravagant sea tours to inland tours.

Both Diamonds Dream of Zanzibar and Sea Cliff offered surpassing service.  Unique in their own ways and we would recommend that anyone travelling to Zanzibar split their accommodation to experience the different coasts of the island.   

Gallery Tours was efficient and obliging in all our transfer requirements and their staff were friendly, well versed and also provided information on specific places and/or buildings during our transfers which made the transfers a tour in themselves.   

The tours we did included: 
A visit to a spice farm – it was really incredible to see the number of exotic spices and fruit that grow on the island.  From cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla, cardamom, turmeric, ginger, lemon grass to different types of  mangos, litchi’s and bananas, passion fruit, watermelon, oranges, bread fruit, jack fruit, pineapples and of course coconuts.  To get to see all of these growing in their natural way and not on a store shelf was great.  Also to know that many if not all of these are not indigenous to Zanzibar. 
Stone town tour – an amazing town filled with small narrow streets and an abundance of history.  A must for any visitor to Zanzibar.  We tasted local street food and fruit which made the experience surreal. Prison Island – again full of history and of course the giant tortoises.  
Safari blue – this was definitely out best.  A full day boat trip on traditional hand built dhow. An opportunity to swim on an isolated sand bank and to do snorkelling with equipment provided, ice-cold drinks tropical fruit tasting. Lunch was a delicious Zanzibari seafood lunch with grilled fish, prawns, octopus and lobster. Visit a mangrove lagoon, climb an ancient baobab tree and then finish the day off by returning to Fumba by traditional sail.   All in all we had a fantastic, relaxed and fun filled time. Please see some pics attached.

Thanks you once again for assisting in making our honeymoon special.


Preven and Samantha


govender boat govender couple govender pier govender snorkeling

Our Honeymoon Resorts


Hi Desire

Just to say “thank you” for all that you have done for us to make Brian and Lisa’s honeymoon a great one! I am also sooooo glad you offered and we did the travel insurance – Lisa ended up being in hospital yesterday with drips for rehydration due to food/water poisoning. What a mission it would have been had we not done the insurance, but we are ever so grateful that your advices were followed!

Again “thanks” for the great service!

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