Hi Des,

Firstly a HUGE, HUGE, HUGE thank you! Our honeymoon was absolutely everything we dreamed off!!

Sjoe, where do I start. All the flights went smoothly, we had no problems and no hick ups and plus point there was not one delay or baggage loss etc. I honestly am so thankful that you organised all the flights and all the airport pickups, especially cause it was so many of them. All the airport to hotel and vice versa pickups were friendly & there on time. I am so thankful that you organised those for us… It definitely made our honeymoon stress free. 

Singapore was absolutely beautiful.

I am so glad we did the 24hrs there and got to see it. Definitely, worth the extra stop, the amazing thing about Singapore is the public transport. Leigh and I, eventually after figuring everything out got these Singapore tourist pass at the train station which meant you pay once off and can use all the public transport with this card as many times as you want… We had a ball with the subway travelling to all our destinations.What an adventure we had and I can honestly say we saw a lot in those 24 hours. Although Singapore has a lot of rules and regulations that you should be aware of and respect, it was definitely the cleanest country I have ever seen and the safest too. Our accommodation was also beautiful, we wished we stayed more nights… It was a small double story “flat” which even had a lounge and kitchen… very spacious.

Bali… absolutely beautiful!!


When we arrived at Grand Mirage they treated us like royalty… We thought we had to check in at the check in counter, but instead they took us to this big lovely room. Leigh thought he was in trouble. But instead the hotel manager came and gave us some drinks and flower necklaces and explained to us the hotel and how the gold all-inclusive works. It was the warmest welcome we have ever experienced. The staff was super friendly and very helpful at Grand Mirage during our entire stay.

The nice thing about Grand Mirage is that they have several restaurants (9 if I am not mistaken) so you have a variety to choose from every day. What we enjoyed was that they had a weekly program with activities during the day and then every evening they would have a themed dinner which majority of the time included a show too. But their food is absolutely fresh and delicious. We honestly cannot complain.

I must let you know that we made a stop at Sol Beach (where we would have originally stayed) as it was a few blocks away from Grand Mirage. I did not see any renovations or building/construction but I am super glad that for some miraculous reason we got the option to move to Grand Mirage rather. I can’t complain about staff or the accommodation of course but just the feel and looks was nothing compared to Grand Mirage. So, with that being said, we were super happy that we moved to Grand Mirage at the end. Thank you for your patience and that you looked out for us and made a plan to accommodate us due to the circumstances that had happened at the time

I must also say, talking about construction, Grand Mirage had construction happening on the one side of the hotel but luckily it was not on our side as they had these construction beams along the sides of the hotel walls and painting and renovating so the construction beams were right in front of the people balcony and view. But like I said, it was not on our side, so it did not bother as at all. Our room had a lovely view of the ocean and pool.

I also read a few comments when I did my research on Grand Mirage, that people were complaining about the beach being dirty with rubbish etc. I can honestly confirm that that was not the case when we stayed there. The beaches were absolutely clean with no rubbish in site.

We cannot thank you enough that you planned from start to end our entire honeymoon. All we had to do was pack and climb on the airplane!! You will definitely hear from us again with our next trip… Thank you that we have now a personal travel planner. We appreciate it tons and will make full use of it in the future.

Kindest regards

Nikki & Leigh


Our Honeymoon Resorts


Hi Polly

Well, it is our last night tonight. Thank you again for assisting in arranging this amazing honeymoon.

We had the best time possible and will always remember the memories we made on this honeymoon for the rest of our life.


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