Hi Guys,


THANK YOU! We had an absolute blast and loved every minute of it! Thank you so much for helping us have the most amazing honeymoon ever.

Le Canonnier was perfect for us. We managed to completely unwind and relax by the pool and on the beach. We spent most of our time in the warm waters, with our highlight being the snorkeling (which we did everyday).

The staff at Le Cannonier did everything and more to make sure we had a comfortable stay and we will most definitely love to return as soon as we can :)

Sitting at my desk behind my PC right now in a daze, just wishing we could be back on "our island".

Thank you so much again!

Attached is a pic of the two of us, the smiles say it all!

Kind Regards,

Craig Stockden

Hi Desire

It has been an absolute pleasure working with you. Your professional service and expertise are unmatched. We will definitely recommend just honeymoons to anyone and everyone. Special thanks for covering the extra costs for the superior bay room.

We are very excited and can't wait to jet of to Mauritius.

Our kindest regards

SJ & Bernanda 

Hi Lizelle

We are good thanks. We really had a nice time at the hotel. Everything was perfect with no hiccups and really enjoyed our stay there.
We had a good rest and enjoyed Mauritius totally.

We were just very sad to come back on Saturday.

All the activities were good. We did all water and land sports. We also did the couple massage at the spa located in the tree. It was really nice. Looking forward to another holiday soon.

We will definitely be seeing you again as everything went smooth and there were no issues at all.

Best holiday ever.


Hi Lizelle

Yes, thank you. We had an awesome time and wanted to stay longer!

Thank you so much for the great service. Everything was very organised.

Kind Regards

Hi Lizelle

Thank you – now back to the real world.

Le Victoria was absolutely spectacular thank you.

The Honeymoon package was excellent and they really did go to a lot of trouble to make us feel special for the honeymoon. The hotel was great, we did do some private sightseeing across the island which was also great.

All in all, I can honestly say we have no complaints, it was an amazing and special experience and we can recommend the hotel to anybody from old couples, to young people, to families as this hotel caters for everyone.

PS thanks for the recommendation on the ground floor unit – was definitely the best option.

Thank you for all your assistance in making it a fantastic and special time for us.

Melissa Eva

Hi Lizelle

Baie dankie vir alles. Alles was fantasties.
Waardeer al die moeite en sal more terug gaan as ek kan:)

Gerhard Botha

Hi Lizelle,

We had a great time ! Very well organized, staff were friendly and travel arrangements went smoothly.

St Anne Island is unbelievable !... we enjoyed every moment.

Thanks for organizing.

Kind regards,

Charlie Bishop

Good morning Lizelle

All went well and we had a great time over there. Did a few extras on the side like a taxi tour of the island and a catamaran tour. Hotel was awesome and I think we each gained a few Kg's from all the food.

Thank you very much for putting it together for us. We will be in touch with you for our next holiday :)

Kind Regards

Our Honeymoon Resorts


Hi Desire

Just to say “thank you” for all that you have done for us to make Brian and Lisa’s honeymoon a great one! I am also sooooo glad you offered and we did the travel insurance – Lisa ended up being in hospital yesterday with drips for rehydration due to food/water poisoning. What a mission it would have been had we not done the insurance, but we are ever so grateful that your advices were followed!

Again “thanks” for the great service!

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