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Recent blog posts
Mauritius, the perfect honeymoon destination….

Mauritius has something to offer everyone, from the true romantics at heart - a walk on the moonlit beach under the stars, honeymooners celebrating the start of the new chapter in their lives together, adventurous thrill-seekers to enthusiastic golfers or couples wanting some time out recharge, relax and renew. Your adventure begins now...

A jewel in the Indian Ocean IslandsMauritius is one of the top destinations for South African honeymooners. This exotic destination never fails to delight newlyweds seeking the perfect honeymoon location. The all-inclusive package was pioneered in Mauritius, which is very popular with the “leave-your-wallet-at-home” concept. It is still one of the most affordable destinations offering an array of fabulous three to luxurious five-star resorts to suit every taste and budget!

MRU Azure Blue water

Beneath the azure blue waters, you will discover breathless coral gardens, teeming with colourful schools of fish feeding from your fingertips. You could be mesmerized when an eel of momentous proportions slowly slithers by and you breathe a sigh of relief when it disappears in the distance. Or soar like an eagle in the sky while parasailing off a speedboat, swirling high above the ocean taking in this paradise from a bird’s eye view -you can rest assured Mauritius has you covered!

underwater scooter

Are you an underwater world fanatic? Once again Mauritius does not disappoint! We have told you about the coral reefs, the vibrant schools of colourful fish. But until you have swum with dolphins and explored the bottom of the ocean with sharks gracefully and unassumingly swimming above your head, or fed a moray eel you ‘ain't done nothing yet! Don a glass tank on your head and immerse yourself in an underwater wonderland or ride on an underwater scooter, perhaps even in a submarine, you have no excuse to not partake and discover what lies below.

If you are a history/culture/heritage buff there is so much to be discovered.

Shiva at the Holy LakeMauritian culture is based on the diversity of the population, that is why there is no “official religion” in Mauritius. Hindus, Tamils, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and all others from across the globe live in harmony and respect the free practice of religion in Mauritius. If you want to take home memories other than seaside ones, we recommend you swap your flip-flops for some walkabouts. You would be humbled by visiting one of the many interesting monuments and spectacular temples, or any of the several ornate and sacred buildings to honour and pray to the Gods. Step out and enjoy the rich historical heritage of Mauritius band explore the two UNESCO world heritage sites, the Shiva and the Mother Durga statues which are situated around the Holy Lake.

Sample the distinct flavours of Creole cooking with your partner, perhaps share a meal with locals in their home or partake in an authentic experience while a Masterchef guides you through the culinary process. From shopping at the markets for local, homegrown spices and ingredients, your mentor sharing secrets in the cooking process, presenting your dish in true Creole fashion and finally, your taste buds explode with delight when you savour a mouthful of your creation. And you get to take the recipe home with you! Have you discovered a hidden talent?For anyone looking for a culture rush, this island is definitely one of the best for you.

Sega Dancers Pro Am Prize Giving

We have saved the best for last. After all, Mauritius is all about beautiful beaches, endless blue skies, powder white sandy shores and from this stems the most breathtaking sunsets. Indulge yourself, cocktail in hand while you relax on a lounger on the beach with your loved one and watch the warm, glowing sun slowly meet with the beautiful luminescent sea and disappear to rise again tomorrow. Dance on the beach while it teases you with that last flicker of light. Make a wish and treasure this moment, this is an unforgettable memory to cherish and share for many years to come. 

The night has come alive, the moon is there to greet you as you make your way around the bonfire, abandoning all your inhibitions, sharing in the moment of vibrant Sega dancers, you immerse yourself to the rhythm of the beating drums. You lose track of time as you celebrate life. In this moment you realize you have gained so much more from this fabulous Mauritian adventure with your soulmate and will return to explore again...

For amazing Mauritius honeymoon celebrations, we await your call.

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The Maldives: Heaven on Earth for an unforgettable honeymoon

The Maldives has been described as “the poster child for a romantic island honeymoon” for reasons as clear as the crystal turquoise waters of this idyllic Indian Ocean island.


Whatever you and your better half may be looking for in romantic island post-wedding bliss, the Maldives has it all - and then some.


From the most magnificent scenery under the sun, to the seclusion of the luxurious self-contained island resorts and the surprising amount of things to do for a place so remote.


It’s hardly surprising that now, more than ever, South Africans are increasingly turning their dreams into reality by making their way to its diamond-white sandy shores. 

According to the latest statistics released by the country’s tourism ministry, there was a 75,6% increase in the number of South Africans visiting the country in May 2017 compared to the same month last year.


In the 2016 calendar year, a total of 4 656 South Africans had their passports stamped at the Velana International Airport, up from 4170 in the previous year. This is an increase of 11,7%.


These numbers are hardly surprising, given what the islands have to offer - especially for newlyweds.


The Maldives is a group of low-lying coral islands, forming an archipelago of 26 major atolls, situated southwest of Sri Lanka. Only a small number of the more than 1 000 islands - all surrounded by colourful coral reefs enclosing shallow lagoons - which make up the country are inhabited.


Some 87 of these island are exclusive resorts, boasting tropical landscapes hugged by picture-perfect beaches festooned with palm trees.


The views are simply stunning and with good all-year weather, chances are great that you’ll be met with the bluest of blue skies and the clearest waters.


What could be more romantic than a secret private island that seems like a world away from from civilisation?

The Maldives is most famous for its water villa resorts (two-thirds of the world’s 5 000 resorts are located here), which offer luxurious hideaways for honeymooners.

Imagine waking up in a water bungalow - a floating palace - surrounded with nothing but the crystal clear turquoise waters of the shallow waist-deep lagoon?

Absolute privacy, intimacy and a magical setting are the order of the day.


A wedding is an exhausting affair, so chances are you’ll spend a few days lazing around in the sun and lolling around you own private plunge pool as you recover from the nuptial frenzy.


And if you’re staying in a water villa there’s nothing stopping you from jumping right into the ocean for a snorkel or swim.


The Maldives resorts also have some of the most luxurious spas in the world. So relax your body and rejuvenate your spirit with manicures, pedicures to full body treatments.

There’s probably no place on earth as romantic, given the secluded location and the alluring  scenery.


To ratchet up the romance - as if that was needed - it will be well worth your while taking a timeout from the resort buffet to enjoying a fine candlelit dining experience for two on the beach or on the pier with a private waiter and meal specially prepared right at your table.


If - and when - you get tired of basking in the sun, sipping cocktails and watching the sun dip below the horizon, there are plenty of activities on offer on a Maldives honeymoon.   


The Maldives is one of the best scuba diving destinations on earth. Dazzling lagoons and large reefs are the archipelago’s natural draw card and almost all of the islands have access to good snorkelling and diving.


The crystal clear waters offer great visibility and chances are good that you and your new life partner will spot stingrays and sea turtles after taking the plunge for some underwater sightseeing.


Water sports are popular activities on the islands, so you and yours can go paddle boarding or surfing - no wetsuits required as the water is so warm.


If you’re getting cabin fever, catch a speedboat or a seaplane to one of the more inhabited islands. Just remember, though, that the Maldives follows a strict Muslim culture so remember to dress respectfully. 

Mohamed Adam, deputy managing director of the Maldives Marketing & Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC), says although it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact reasons for the growing number of South Africans visiting the country’s shores there are a few unique advantages the Maldives holds for South African travellers.


Being a former British protectorate, English is widely spoken in the Maldives which means many South Africans can speak freely with the locals, relax and enjoy themselves without having to hire an interpreter or keep consulting their Google Translate app.


South Africans also don’t require a visa when visiting the island


“Additionally, with the exchange rate between the rand and the Maldivian rufiyaa practically being 1:1, it can be a very cost-effective holiday destination for the price-sensitive traveller,” says Adam.


Facilities cater for every pocket and preference, ranging from budget accommodation and guest houses – a fairly new concept in Maldivian tourism – to the island’s famed elite luxury resorts.


“Ultimately, there are many reasons why South Africans are choosing the ‘sunny side of life’,” he adds.


A honeymoon in The Maldives. What better way to start your new life together? Are your bags packed yet?


To have a look at some of our fabulous packages in the Maldives you can click Here.

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Mauritius Weather and when to go

by Bianca Johnson


I’ve just returned from a week in Mauritius and we experienced every kind of weather you can imagine! We were moving around the island almost every day and got to experience the multitude of micro-climates Mauritius is made up of.b2ap3_thumbnail_rainfall-distribution-over-mauritius-map.jpg


It could rain cats and dogs where you are, yet only a few kilometres away the sun is shining and there is not a cloud in sight. If you wake up in the morning to grey skies, don’t worry! Go for your shower, have breakfast. Later the sky will be blue.


They often say that you need to be prepared for all four seasons in a day in Mauritius, and that was true of our trip. Curepipe, a town in the centre of the island, is known to always have grey weather because of its location. I doubt I could live there!


b2ap3_thumbnail_trou-aux-cerf.jpgWe had one day that started with sunshine during breakfast, the wind blew while we packed our bags, the rain started as we drove out of the gates of the hotel. The GM said the island was crying because we were leaving. We went to our first stop and the sun came out just long enough that we could do the tour and get back on the bus without getting soaked. We then stopped at the Trou aux Cerfs – the crater of the main dormant volcano of Mauritius – and it was the fastest stop ever, and we were all soaked! By the time we got to the Holy Lake, the sun peeped out just enough to ensure that we had beautiful pictures. For our lunch stop, the sun came out in all its glory to show off the beautifully washed gardens of La Chamerelle Rhumerie. Back on the bus and the rain came down again! We were starting to worry that we would have rain for our last two days on the island. But as we arrived at our hotel for the evening the clouds blew off to the horizon and we had a spectacular sunset! And not a single drop of rain until we were sitting on the plane waiting to return to Durban!


But this was my experience of 7 days in October.  


What do the experts tell us about the weather in Mauritius?


Located in the southwest Indian Ocean, Mauritius enjoys a tropical climate that is greatly affected by south east trade winds. The warmest weather occurs during the month of February (average temperatures around 29 degrees Celsius) while the coolest month is usually July (average temperatures around 23 degrees Celsius in some areas).


In general, the western and northern regions are warmer and drier than those in the east and south. Summertime, which lasts from November through April, sees overall averages of 30 C along the coasts and is slightly lower on the central plateau. Wintertime, from May through October, sees overall averages of 25-26 C along the coast and lower on the central plateau. The sea temperature ranges from about 21 to 26 degrees Celsius, depending on the conditions and the season. Heavy rain is common from January through March, and tropical cyclones are a possibility from November through April although there have been a couple out of season.


So when is the best time to visit Mauritius then?


Any time of the year is right for a trip to Mauritius. You could spend a long time debating the best time of year to go. Each season has some advantages and disadvantages and this is why it is best to take into account all the different factors before making your decision on when to visit Mauritius. b2ap3_thumbnail_Couple-Pool.jpg


The Mauritian summer months of October to Easter are ideal for a Mauritius beach holiday.

For those looking for a warm tropical climate, to spend most of the day on the beach or at sea, this is a great time to visit Mauritius. When you visit during this time the days are long, hot and sticky making swims in the Ocean more refreshing and the breezes on the East Coast, most welcome.


During the winter months of July to September, the temperatures are much cooler and on most days you may not even have to use your air conditioning. It rains less and even when it does rain it's mainly in the evening or just a passing shower during the day. You still have some strong sun during the day so a tan can still be achieved. As a bonus this time of year also sees fewer tourists. Hotel rates are generally lower, attractions are less crowded, and it is possible to negotiate prices with taxis and shop owners due to less traffic, additionally you do not have to worry about cyclones. The cooler weather during this period with less humidity makes this is the time to engage in many of the inland activities offered on the island such as hiking, quad biking and zip-lining.



For diving enthusiasts, the clearest waters are between December and March.


Surfers are advised to visit Mauritius between June and August. During this period you are sure to have amazing waves along the west coast of Mauritius, especially in the area of Tamarin and Le Morne.


Kite Surfers are advised to visit Mauritius from mid-March to October.b2ap3_thumbnail_Mauritius-Kietval-640x428.jpg


Anglers will be delighted at the big game fishing available from October to April.


What do the other staff of Just Honeymoons say about Mauritius weather?


Polly has traveled a few times to Mauritius. In February of 2015 she was staying on the West Coast with her family and experienced a cyclone affecting Mauritius. Although the heavy wind and rain affected the holiday for two days, she was most impressed with how everyone kept them updated. From the hotel’s news channel on the TV, to the garage attendants, and almost everyone else they came into contact with. Everyone looks out for everyone else. They were able to go out and experience the island, even though the weather wasn’t ideal. As the weather got worse, they were advised to go back to the hotel. The hotel made a fantastic effort at making their stay as easy as possible. Umbrellas were supplied, additional kids club activities were put on, meals were sent to guests that could not come to the restaurant, updates on the weather were relayed via reception, TV channels and all staff members.

Her previous trip was in June and she was very impressed with how lovely the weather was. They were able to swim during the days. The weather was wonderfully warm during the day, and in the evenings it was only cool enough to need a light pashmina or jersey.


Lizelle has been to Mauritius in March and October. March was definitely warmer than October. In October she would definitely suggest staying in the North West as the weather was much more pleasant. The East Coast can be very windy between May and October, but that cool breeze in the summer months is a godsend.


Edwina adores Mauritius and has traveled a few times. Her favourite months to travel are April and September. On one of the trips in May she experienced a lot of wind on the East Coast, and recommends that you choose a resort that is in a protected bay – as it can make the world of difference just by being on the correct bit of coast! On an August trip, earlier this year, she experienced tropical storms, with high winds and plenty of rain, in the South West, but the North West had beautiful weather.


As you can see from all our experiences, this proves that Mauritius really is a year round destination, as long as you know which area to go to, based on your needs and have an experienced travel expert on hand to advise you! Just Honeymoons has a full complement of agents that know this island at all times of the year and would love to assist with your dream honeymoon to Mauritius!


So contact the Just Honeymoons team today!


031 539 4311 or 0861 WEBTOURS 

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Started off our trip with a site inspection and lunch at the 5* Park Hyatt in Zanzibar, the lunch was excellent and their 'piece de resistance' is the famous Banana Cheesecake.  The hotel is beautifully appointed, very elegant and decor is fresh white with touches of yellow, gold, beige and turquoise which bring it to life.

A 2 hour historical walking tour of Stonetown through the narrow and winding streets with bikes and motorbikes ringing their bells and hooters for us to make way for them - we explored the Anglican Church, the Slave Museum, fort, House of Wonders and the palace.  Lots of hawkers with big smiles encouraging us but their sarongs and jewellery.

A  quick venture into the Memories of Zanzibar shop, I decided that bargaining with hawkers was far more fun and came away with beautiful white Zanzibar sarongs @ a good deal.

On to Hideaway on Nungwi, we arrived in the dark about an hour later, a quick freshen up and down to the bar for cocktails and the Beach Barbeque.  The only way to go is all inclusive and there is nothing better than throwing away your shoes as you explore the magnificent buffet.  The beef steak was quite unbelievable and the sweet crayfish meat with sauce was to die for, washed down with fabulous wine and the odd glass of water to maintain a balance.

I curled up in my four poster bed with its canopy mosquito net and aircon to cool the nite away - absolute bliss.
The sounds of chirping birds called me and having a cup of coffee on my patio, watching the dhows in the distance on on the flat ocean was a sight to behold and set the tone for the day.  A sumptious breakfast, spoilt for choice and what you would expect from a five star resort, the Hideaway of Nungwi is a very special resort and I am so glad to have finally stayed here and cannot wait to introduce more clients to this really awesome resort.


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5 Reasons Thailand is the Best place to go Honeymoon in 2015

5 Reasons Thailand is the Best place to Honeymoon in 2015

Deciding where to go on a honeymoon is a huge decision for any couple.  You want to make sure your first holiday together is nothing short of magical!


Thailand has been a top-rated honeymoon destination for many years, and will remain so, even after the Coup. Its military took over the government early in 2014 – for the 19th time since 1932. Thailands Tourist Authority did report a drop in tourism since the news spread. The military has cleared the beaches, resulting in fewer places to eat and less clutter, making the beaches have a more natural feel. All curfews were soon removed and there is no hostility in the year I’ve been living in Thailand


Every day I see a honeymoon couple zooming around Thailand with smiles that possibly outshine the locals. These smiles are infectious, and with good reason. Thailand has been voted a top honeymoon destination by The Huffington Post and Fodors, among others.


Why is Thailand voted one of the top honeymoon destinations in the world for 2015?


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Mr & Mrs Minnaar Seychelles-Praslin- Paradise Sun hotel

Hi Justhoneymoons team!

Thank you for the welcoming home. 

Seychelles and Paradise sun completely blew us away and way exceeded our expectations as a destination! We did so much in a week and still managed to relax on alternate days. The hotel offered so much in terms of activities, including snorkling, scuba diving, paddle boats and surf boards to name a few.

The hotel staff was amazing and what was really incredible is that they spoke a minimum of 3 languages which was something ordinary to them. The blue water was something that you see in magazines but never quite believe, until we saw it.

Highlights of the trip included a boat ride to the Worlds 2nd most beautiful beach which was unbelievable, as well as catching a ferry ride to a smaller island which we cycled around in an hour.

b2ap3_thumbnail_IMG_1607.JPGSeychelles is a true paradise, and although a bit pricey in terms of food and drink, I would highly recommend it to anyone who would like to see a really beautiful part of the world which is vastly different to other destinations

Kind regards

Geoff Minnaar

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Morris Honeymooners - Welcome Home

Hi Ed,

Thanks so much for the follow up mail. The honeymoon and destination was UNBELIEVABLE!! It was so nice to get away and just relax for a week!! The staff there are so friendly and helpful, and always making sure that you are ok. We had great service from everyone involved, including from before we left from yourself and the Webtours team!

The food was amazing, and it was nice that everything was all inclusive, if you wanted to do activities outside what was included, it was pricey, but this was because everything was in $ and the Rand is rather weak against the dollar at the moment. I would also highly recommend packing sunscreen hahaha. We did however do the half day picnic, and I would highly recommend it! In fact I would highly recommend the whole trip and destination! Thank you so much for helping me to choose a destination, and for being so affordable. I will make sure to keep those referrals coming, as you run a great business, and have a personal touch with all your clients which is great!

Thanks once again, and I look forward to using Webtours for any future travels we may be doing. Please see some pics attached from the holiday.


Tyrone Morris

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Our Honeymoon Resorts


Hi Desire

Just to say “thank you” for all that you have done for us to make Brian and Lisa’s honeymoon a great one! I am also sooooo glad you offered and we did the travel insurance – Lisa ended up being in hospital yesterday with drips for rehydration due to food/water poisoning. What a mission it would have been had we not done the insurance, but we are ever so grateful that your advices were followed!

Again “thanks” for the great service!

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